The REAL way to de-ice your car

Temperatures across the UK have dipped. In fact, we’ve seen the coldest night temperatures this winter, with places such as Oxfordshire reaching a chilly -8.

As commuters reached for their credit cards and poured boiling water over windscreens, we wanted to share the better, safer and cheaper way to de-ice….

Salt water.

But what’s wrong with the other methods?

  • Using a credit card can scratch the glass.
  • The temperature difference when pouring the boiling water over the glass can cause the glass to crack.
  • De-icer sprays work well but the cost can quickly add up.

All you need to do is to mix a solution of table salt and water together, dunk a towel in it and leave it on the windscreen overnight so that it acts as a frost guard.

Alternatively, put the salt water solution in a spray bottle and wipe or spray it on the glass. Be careful not to spray on any metal work as salt is corrosive

Why does it work?

Salt water freezes at a lower temperature than normal water so will melt the ice.


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