Salt- Your Winter Hero


When you’re seasoning your turkey dinner remember that salt plays a much bigger part than just enhancing flavour. It’s a Winter Hero.

Rock salt used for clearing the roads is quite different to the white seasoning seen on most tables in Britain. It is brown because it naturally contains marl and anti-caking agent is added so that it doesn’t coagulate. When it is distributed on roads it gets to work on melting snow. If rock salt is driven over by traffic it is ground down, turning into a salty brine that will have a better effect on snow and ice.

There really is no accurate way of telling if it’s going to be a white christmas ahead of time, but it pays to be prepared. Plan ahead by salting your drive, steps or path, the night before a predicted cold snap. Rock salt is preferable but if you can’t get your hands on any, regular table salt is fine. One tablespoon for each square metre should suffice. That way you should ensure that if you are planning to travel, or you are receiving family and friends for a feast of epic proportions, everyone remains on their feet.

So remember to stay prepared, plan any journey in advance and salt your driveway the night before predicted snow. Salt may not be the hero you need, but it is the hero you deserve. It’s your White Knight this Winter.

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