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We put it on our food, it’s essential to our health, we even use it in beauty products, but did you also know that salt can power electricity?

In the city of Ouarzazate in Morocco, North West Africa salt is being used to power electricity at night.

When the solar plant is complete it will be able to supply electricity to 1 million people. For Morocco, this is particularly important as unlike neighbouring countries, it does not have its own fossil fuel and so imports much of its energy from other countries

So how does it work?

The plant uses lots of mirrors to capture the solar energy of the sun and uses it to convert water into steam to turn turbines.

The heat from these mirrors is also used to melt salt to a temperature of 500 degrees celsius.

As the salt can stay hot for up to 8 hours, it can continue to make steam to generate more power throughout the night.

And that’s not the only example of salt being utilised in innovative inventions that help to change the world….

Salt water has also been used to create a portable device that charges phones, using the reaction between salt water and oxygen.


Last November, a Filipino engineer hit the headlines after Barack Obama praised her salt lamp invention which aimed to provide a lighting option for communities in the Philippines that is more cost-effective, safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Simple, innovative and sustainable ideas that have inspired change, thanks to a little help from basic science and salt.

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