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Salt Cave Therapy Helps Clear Lungs and Treat Asthma

Woman Relaxing in Salt Cave Treatment RoomAsthma is on the rise. More than 4.1 million children in the UK have the condition, so any way to help these young suffers can only be a good thing. This is where salt comes in – as people turn to salt cave therapy for treatment. And not just for asthma, but for sinusitis, blocked up airways, coughs and other respiratory illnesses too.

Salt cave therapy, which can take place in either a salt cave or a therapy room covered with up to seven to eight tonnes of salt, is a 100% natural, drug free treatment. Those undergoing the treatment relax in the cave on a lounger, all the while breathing in air infused with salt particles. As these particles then make their way down to the respiratory tract, they break down mucus and help it to run out of the body. This cleansing effect of the salt leaves your sinuses and throat clearer and you’re able to breathe a lot easier.

Although the popularity and number of treatment centres is on the rise, it’s not the first time people have linked salt to clearing airways. Salt therapy dates back to 1850 when researches noticed that people who worked in salt mines didn’t suffer with any lung problems. While the world famous Wieliczka salt mine in Poland ran an underground sanatorium for many years where asthma sufferers could breath salt air.

Today, salt caves are popping up around the country, as people realise the benefits they can have for respiratory illnesses.

With more and more children being diagnosed with asthma each year, salt cave therapy could prove to be the best way to treat the condition.

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