Salt & Our Health


Our favourite festive foods

Christmas Pudding on fire

It wouldn’t be Christmas without all the food. From your turkey to your stuffing to your potato pennies, it’s enough to make your mouth water just thinking about it. We all put on a little holiday weight. Who wouldn’t? Eating … Continue reading

Salt & Our Health


5 super salts you need to sprinkle into your life

Salt, glorious salt. You’d be right and wrong for thinking all salt was the same. Yes, all salt has the same level of sodium per gram, offering the same health benefits for nervous function and muscle regeneration, but did you … Continue reading

Salt Facts


7 spectacular salt structures from around the world

Now we all know and love salt as the table condiment that tantalises our taste buds, whether it’s seasoning our vegetables or flavouring our roast chicken. What if we told you that salt is being used to craft some pretty … Continue reading

Salt & Our Health


Top 5 foods that went from bad to good

Over the years we have received conflicting information about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods.  The “experts” who so confidently advise, often have to do a u-turn, causing confusion. We take a look at the top 5 vilified foods, once considered unhealthy … Continue reading

Salt History


The Best Salt Flats From Around the World

A salt flat is a naturally occurring geographical formation in which an ancient sea has become land-locked . In hot climates, the water gradually evaporates, leaving a breathtakingly dazzling carpet of glistening salt. There are a great number of salt … Continue reading