Salt & Our Health


Low Salt Diets Increase Risk of Heart Failure

It’s happened before, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the Government has got it wrong on salt. Now research published in the British Medical Journal has found that far from being the elixir of life, low salt diets can actually cause more harm than good to us. In fact, following a low salt diet can increase our chances of death.

Low Salt Diet Increases Risk of Heart Failure

The medical researchers – Drs. DiNicolantonio, Di Pasquale, Taylor and Hackam from USA, Italy, UK and Canada – carried out a review of studies on patients with heart failure. Their study, published in Heart, the BMJ’s peer reviewed journal for cardiologists – found that low salt diets “significantly increases” the likelihood of heart failure compared to a regular salt intake.

This isn’t the first time the Government’s position on salt has been brought into question. Over the last three years there’s been a number of medical publications showing the dangers of eating too little salt. Most found that, as well as resulting in higher rates of heart failure, cutting your salt intake down to the recommend levels leads to a greater risk of diabetes, loss of cognition and falls in the older people.

With more research showing that low salt diets can actually be bad for us, maybe it’s time the Government-backed browbeating over low salt diets comes to an end.

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