Salt News


A Salt Education

We’ve teamed up with the Centre for Innovation and Research in Science Education at York University to create learning materials to educate younger people about the history, manufacture, uses and importance of salt.

Together, we’ve created a set of materials designed to support teachers to deliver effective and balanced lessons. The aim is for society to be more educated about salt and for leading figures to give a more balanced debate about the mineral that is essential to our every day lives.

The resources are available on our website and on The Guardian Teacher Network.

Here’s a snapshot of the resources available:

  • The properties of salt including how to grow salt crystals
  • The history of salt taking you on a journey from ancient times through to the chemical revolution.
  • Salt and health.What many people don’t know is that salt plays a vital role in the functionality of our bodies and if we dramatically reduce our intake, it could be damaging.
  • The real role of salt in cooking, not just making food taste saltier.
  • How salt has shaped our landscape, from salt pans to marshes and rock formations.
  • The challenge club especially for KS2 children. This is an online resource with interactive lessons on salt in food, solution mining, evaporating salt water and quizes.
  • Teaching resources for teachers at KS3 and KS2. The materials provide a focus for planning and carrying out science based activities. They can be used in their entirety, or activities can be selected to support another teaching programme. Teachers will find the ideas adaptable for other age-groups.



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