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A revolutionary salt lamp has been created, powered by salt water.

SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting) has developed a lamp that will illuminate rooms and even charge smartphones. Powered by little more than a cup of sea water, the lamp will last 8 hours per day, for a 6 month period and could be a life changing product for coastal communities.


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The idea for SALt lamps came from co-founder and CEO Aisa Mijeno, a member of Greenpeace Philippines. While visiting a Filipino tribe, she saw that the people depended on Kerosene and moonlight and decided to develop a sustainable, safe alternative. The Philippines includes over 7,000 islands, many with limited access to electricity, so salt was a natural solution to the problem.

Over the years the Philippines have suffered major natural disasters, including 2013’s devastating Typhoon Haiyan, the new invention could be crucial in such events with a usb port for charging phones. To begin with, the company is aiming to deliver almost 600 lamps to native Filipino tribes.

This simple, yet effective salt water solution could be a life saving product in developing countries and during disasters.

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