Salt & Our Health


A Low Salt Diet Could Be the True Cause of Heartburn

If you’ve ever had heartburn and thought it was the result of either drinking too much coffee, eating spicy food or wearing tight fitting clothes, then you could be about to be proved wrong. Heartburn can in fact be triggered by a very low salt diet.

Spicy Food Might Not Be Cause of Heartburn

Over the last three decades there’s been a lot of, often incorrect, information regarding the consequences to your health of eating too much salt – prompting the nation to limit their salt intake. However, the implications of having too little salt are often overlooked – such as potentially not producing enough hydrochloric acid in your stomach for it to function properly.

Salt plays a key role in the processes of digestion and absorption as it’s salt that’s used by our bodies to produce hydrochloric acid. And without the right amount of salt, our bodies cannot produce enough digestive acid in the stomach. This can result in proteins and minerals are not breaking down and leading to a nasty acid burp, acid reflux or heartburn.

As this tastes, smells and burns just like acid we have been schooled into thinking that is an over production of acid, when in reality it’s the opposite.
So the next time you feel heartburn coming on, try sucking on a lemon or taking a tea spoon of cider vinegar – if this alleviates heartburn then your stomach isn’t producing enough acid.

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