Salt Facts, Salt History


10 things you need to know about salt

Salt has played a big role in world history and continues to influence everyday life.

Here are 10 facts that prove it’s worth its salt.

1. Salary comes from the Latin word salarium, which also means “salary” and has the root sal, or “salt.

2. The Palacio de Sal Hotel and Spa in Bolivia is completely made out of salt, built using 1 million blocks.

palacia de sal hotel bolivia 3

3. Nelson Mandela famously said in his inaugural address “Let there be work, bread, water, and salt for all,”

4. One of the earliest Roman roads was the Via Salaria (salt road), leading from Rome to the Adriatic Sea, where salt was gathered.

5. In old Japanese theatres, salt was sprinkled on to the stage before each performance to prevent evil spirits from casting a spell on the actors.


6. The most expensive salt is fluer de sell worth $75,000 per tonne

7. There is about 250 grams of salt at any one point in body. We wouldn’t be able to function without it

8. Steep salt taxes are said to have been a major cause of the French Revolution, as anger grew toward the monarchy.

9.Sea turtles “cry” to get rid of salt. Special glands next to the turtle’s eyes produce a salty discharge.


10.India’s independence movement was begun by Gandhi’s “salt satyagraha” (“march to the sea”). This was a non-violent protest against the British salt tax in 1930.



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